Candice Soleil

Candice PhotoCandice works in her private practice Evolutionary Health Solutions based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia as a holistic nutritionist and is certified as a Metabolic Typing Advisor, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Fitgenes Practitioner.

Candice Soleil is also a certified chef with a passion for sharing how simple and easy it can be to transform the way we eat to provide maximum nutrition with minimum fuss.

Given that the stresses of daily life increase our excretion of vital nutrients and that we are increasingly exposed to environmental toxins which increase our need for minerals, it has never been so vitally important that we are informed about how to nourish our bodies correctly.

Candice’s main interest area is that of customised nutrition, which recognises each person as having their own unique biochemical individuality and epigenetic potential – the expression of their genes based on nutritional, lifestyle and environmental factors.

On retreat, Candice’s role is to help you explore the role of many factors that may be affecting your ability to achieve an ideal state of health as related to your food intake, including; the processes of digestion, absorption and energy production, nutrigenomics, the impact of the stress response on nutrition, food selection and meal planning, food allergies, supportive lifestyle factors, the mind-body connection, emotional health, detoxification procedures and how the body uses the nutrition we provide it with to facilitate healing.

Candice will also be taking you through the process of creating a range of nourishing snacks, meals and providing all the recipes so that you can easily recreate these at home.

Recognising that nourishment of the whole person comes not only from food, but from so many other sources in life, Candice also has a personal interest in how we may best use the opportunity of health challenges as a tool for personal transformation.

My goal is to assist you to develop a truly personalised health and wellbeing program that will both inform and empower you to make better choices that will optimise your results.


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