Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can I expect from my experience at a Radiant Life retreat?

You can expect to spend time in beautiful pristine natural environments, to feel deeply cleansed and nourished by pure food and to enjoy the company of like minded people. You can also expect that you are going to be exposed to a massive download of holistic health related information which will be balanced out with restorative yoga sessions, interactive workshops, question and answer sessions and personal reflection time.

We believe it really important that you arrive at the retreat with an awareness of the fact that at times of personal change and transformation, such as when we are attempting to break through to a new level of wellness or to overcome habits that have kept us from experiencing optimal health, there is potential to experience a sense of discomfort – and that this is a perfectly normal response. Even a simple change in diet can be quite challenging for some and can cause us to feel more emotional than usual. Any process that promotes cleansing and detoxification can also result in mild physical symptoms such as nausea, inflammation or constipation.

As health practitioners, we are aware of these phenomena, consider them an integral part of the healing process and endeavour to support you while you transition through it. This may mean discussing what is going on for you personally so that you understand the detoxification process, adjusting your program so that cleansing symptoms are lessened or adding in extra detoxification support so that you are better able to manage the symptoms.

Of course, many attendees do not experience any symptoms or discomfort at all, are able to embrace the healthy cuisine with enthusiasm and the integrate new information and health strategies with ease.

Q. Who attends a Radiant Life retreat?

Retreat attendees may currently be anywhere on the health journey spectrum – from just starting out to long time health seeker. Despite your current situation, it is essential to have an attitude of openness to new information and ideas, a spirit of fun and adventure and willingness to take a high level of personal responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. These attitudes will ensure that you get the most benefit out of your retreat experience.

Q. Who shouldn’t come to a Radiant Life retreat?

Radiant Life retreats are designed to facilitate a significant shift in your health and wellbeing and are truly holistic in their approach, incorporating not only dietary and lifestyle factors but also relational, emotional and spiritual aspects. These may be explored in theory and also in practice. If you have any concerns about exploring any of these issues in relation to the role they may be playing in your health and wellbeing we suggest you discuss this with us before you sign up.

Q. What is the standard of accommodation provided?

The standard of accommodation provided varies with each retreat and will be indicated in your personal documentation. Generally, we prioritise affordability and the suitability of the location and facilities for our purposes over providing a more luxury experience.

Q. What level of medical supervision is provided?

Despite Dr Gupta being an accredited medical doctor in Australia, his role at the retreats is that of health educator and wellness coach, rather than that of personal physician. If you have a medical condition that you are seeking to address through a retreat experience we suggest that you communicate this to us in advance in your intake forms so that we can determine what level of support may be appropriate. Dr Gupta is unable to provide specific medical advice within the context of the health retreat experience.

Q. What is included in the retreat package?

Retreat packages include your accommodation, all meals, snacks, drinks, lectures, daily yoga and all lecture and workshop notes to take home. Some inclusions vary between the retreats, so please refer to your information packs for the complete list of inclusions.

Q. What isn’t included in the retreat package?

Your retreat package does not include your travel costs to and from the retreat venue. For convenience we liaise with a travel agent that is familiar with our retreat destinations:


Business Name:



Q. Can I come to a retreat on my own?

Yes. We have many single attendees joining our retreats and you will be made to feel very welcome as a single traveller. If there are two attendees of the same gender who are looking to share rooms, we can make that arrangement. If you prefer to book a single room for yourself, that is fine too. Twin and single share accommodation are priced accordingly.

Q. Do I need to participate in all activities?

No. While we do encourage and support you to participate in all retreat activities in order to obtain the maximum potential benefit from your retreat experience, it is entirely your choice as to what you wish to participate in.

Q. Do I need to be fit?

No. All of our retreats feature daily yoga sessions which require minimal fitness and optional adventure activities such as hiking, swimming and surfing that require a moderate fitness level. Daily yoga sessions are individualised to your level of fitness and take into account any injuries or movement limitations you may have, so you don’t already need to be fit to participate.

With regards to optional adventure activities, these are delivered by reputable businesses and trained staff whose highest priority is your safety. Participation in these activities is optional and should be based on your own assessment of your fitness level and meeting the specific criteria for participation or exclusion as communicated by each activity provider.

Q. What should I bring?

As the climate and activities offered varies with each retreat location, we will send you a specific packing list when you register to attend. Generally, you will need a pair of sturdy sports shoes, clothing suitable for doing yoga, your swimsuit, a beach towel, climate suitable clothing, a warm jumper and track pants for early mornings and evenings, casual shoes, hat, water bottle, back pack, personal toiletries, sleepwear, a light water resistant jacket, non-toxic insect repellent and sun protection. Please also be sure to bring any prescription medications that you require.

Q. Is there anything I shouldn’t bring?

Radiant Life retreats are non-smoking and alcohol and drug free. As all meals, snacks and drinks are provided, there is no need to bring any food items of your own. However if you do wish to bring extra snacks, please ensure that these are plant based and healthy choices. We also suggest leaving electronic devices at home or if you must use them, restrict this to your personal time only.

Q. What is your payment policy?

A fifty percent deposit of the total retreat price is required to secure your booking. Final payment of the remaining balance is payable 14 days prior to the retreat start date.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

Notice of cancellation received at least 14 days prior to the retreat, will receive a fifty percent refund of the initial deposit amount. If notice of cancellation is given less than 14 days from the retreat start date, unfortunately no refund will be given. Please understand that we are also bound by the cancellation policies of other service providers and travel partners.

Q. What kind of food is provided at the retreats?

The retreat menu is designed to ensure your body receives maximum nutrition to optimise cellular energy for detoxification and healing. To this end, all meals are plant based utilising fresh seasonal certified organic produce from local suppliers.

Generally, most of our retreats feature raw, living food prepared by certified chefs. Meals range from simple and satisfying to gourmet as is appropriate for the focus of the day. As our retreats take place in different locations around the world, the range of fresh produce available can vary considerably so we adapt the menu to what is abundantly available.

We recognise the importance of feeling satisfied by what you eat, so we strive to ensure that plentiful quantities are on offer and that those needing a little extra sustenance are catered for.

Q. What kinds of professionals are with us during the health retreat?

Each Radiant Life retreat is designed to be a unique learning experience. Depending on the theme of the retreat you choose to attend, suitably qualified professionals will be in attendance to deliver services or share their skills and expertise with you. We are very conscientious to perform full credibility checks with all service providers that are directly or indirectly involved so that you are assured of receiving a high quality and safe retreat experience.

We also delight in partnering with some of the most gifted and experienced health practitioners from the field of natural medicine and complementary therapies. When this is the case, these practitioners may provide health related information based on their own personal experiences and training which may not align completely with the mainstream medical approach.

For this reason, we strongly suggest that you consider carefully whether any strategy is appropriate for your own unique situation and seek advice from a suitably qualified health or medical professional, especially if you currently take any medications to manage your health.

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